Company overview

Technobell is a well founded engineering company specialized in the process and project design, acting in the fields of:

GRP production technology
  • equipment for production of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) pipes
  • equipment for production of glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipes
  • equipment for production of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) tanks
  • equipment for testing pipes
Chemical process technologies
  • polyester resins plants
  • phthalic anhydride (PA) and catalysts for production of phthalic anhydride plants
  • maleic anhydride (MA) plants
  • plasticizers (DOP) plants
  • polyvinyl acetate dispersions (PvAc) plants
  • crude oil / lube oil refinery and petrochemical plants

Technobell is also a producer of tailor made ortophthalic, isophthalic and vinylester resins.

Technobell London is a world leader in supply of turnkey solutions for the composites and plastics industries, supplying innovative plastic injection technologies for the production of large plastic components from plastic waste in flake form, as well as innovative manufacturing technologies for various composite finished products and for raw materials.

Technobell has commercial and financial capability to supply turnkey projects. Its specialists and consultants, thanks to the long experience achieved, are able to assist the investor starting  from the feasibility study to the best solution according to the market requirements. 

Technobell’s administrative office is located in Great Britain. Representative/Associated offices are located worldwide: Brazil, Croatia, China, Italy, Libya, Russian Federation, Slovenia and United Arab Emirates.